Acerca de Gerardo Díaz
retrato de Gerardo Díaz

Welcome to my website! Thanks for coming by. Here you can find some information about me, my website and my professional work.

Who I am, where I come from, where I am going

My name is Gerardo Díaz Ramos, and I'm a marketing consultant, as well as a graphic and web designer with a Graphic Design bachellor's degree from Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP), in México. I am currently finishing a dual Degree master's program in both Marketing and Management, and International Studies for Business and Economic Relations. The first master's degree comes from Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla (UPAEP, México), and the latter from Oklahoma State University (OSU, United States in Stillwater..

Besides my design and marketing studies, I've studied a technical music career on the same school, and also about eight years of illustration and plastic expression workshops with professor Raúl Luna Estrada and plastic artist Fidel García.

I was born in Puebla City, where I've spent most of my life. Most of my work has been on graphic design, marketing, and advertisement. I am expanding my horizons to offer a better set of international services to my clients.

What I do

I offer design and marketing solutions to whoever contracts my services. This solutions are generally for graphic identity, advertising, editorial and web design; which can be completed with work in photography and/or illustration.

I also develop and participate in some personal and group projects on the cultural, entertainment, education ad graphic expression areas.

Besides working independently, I also collaborate with colleges and other design firms to complement in which ever task that require my skill-set. One of the design firms that i'm sporadically collaborating with is the mexican group Modulor, and I've also participated along with Victor Castrejón Hampshire and the design firm Redesign on the design part of commercial projects.

How I work

My modus operandi varies and adapts with each client and project as it's needed. However we could say that there are some constants.

Lets assume you are my client...

  1. A little chat - To get to know you and what are your real design necessities.
  2. Research - Because it is vital to have specific data and knowledge for the project and the environment in which it will be developed, like competition, alliances, budgets, and so on, to make a good work.
  3. Design of proposals - Usually two or three so you can have where to pick a favorite.
  4. Details, details - Some times the longest part of all, because once we have a favorite design we still need to polish it and make it nice and pretty (and functional) for you and your clients.

Once we're done with all this steps you will have a design ready to leave the nest.

Clients and collaborations

In the years i've been on the business, I've worked with different clients and for different firms and these are some of them::

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