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Graphic identity can be considering the most basic, and yet, the most complete part of the designer's work.

That's because it can be just about making a logo, and it can be about designing whole identity proyects that involve brand use manuals, promotional and advertising applications, besides segmentations of the brand itself to new products and services of the business.

To take a look and read about the graphic identity design work that i've been doing for the past years, click on any of the images that you like shown here or on the left-side column.

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Actionnet: Internet - Café

Year: 2000
Design work: Logo design and photo retouch.

My first professional logo work.

It was for a little internet café localized in Hejotzingo, Puebla, Mexico.

The logo design was simple in presentation, where the Ns from a cable of sorts (in that time phone line internet conections were very common). This central letters also insinuate the A and N of the composed word ActioN-Net and connote the dinamic nature of the name.

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Year: 2003-2004
Design work: Graphic identity design, promotional and advertising design, illustration and comercial photography.

Verushka was started as a watch and silver and gold jewelry retail little store. However it started evolving until it became a brand of cristal and silver hand made jewelry.

I was asked to design the identity for this buisness and since then i've been doing several design applications that reinforce the brand and coroporative design patterns.

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Organización Musical Allegra

Year: 2004
Design work: Graphic identity design

In 2004, when I was studying a little bit of music in the Arts School of the Autónoma de Puebla university, a classmate of mine asked me to make him the graphic identity and some other design applications for his music organization Organización Musical Allegra and the division Fórmula Explosiva (Explosive formula).

Allegra is a buisness that gives professional solutions in audio recording and editing and leasing of musics and professional equipment for social events.

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La luz al final de las escaleras

Sky Lounge-Café

Year: 2006
Design work: Graphic identity design, advertising applications and menu design.

Nearing the inauguration date of the Sky Lounge-Café, the owner aproached me and asked me to design the identity of the place. Some of the works that were made for this client were the design of the graphic identity, openning invitations, a couple of posters and the design of the menus.

As the business was located on the penthouse, it ocurred to me that an apropiate slogan could be The light at the end of the stairs, as the café usually opened nearing the twilight. This also would be a fitting slogan for the angelical theme of the design.

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Rico Mac Pollo

Year: 2007
Design work: Graphic identity and mascot design.

Rico Mac Pollo alreeady had a graphic identity. However, this fast food business started to grow rapidly, openning more sales points. That's why it was decided that it would make a great franchize, and for that, there was a need to trademark the logo with a propper design and avatar.

To make the paperwork go faster it was decided that this character had to be part of the logo.

Me and another designer were asked to compete on the design of the logo and, at the end, my design was the one they chose. The final details took, of course, a couple of months until the client was completly satisfied with the design work and the look of the character.

Even if this is a brand with many colors and tonal graduations, the logo can be applied without much problem in monocromatic or plain colors for a cheaper output.

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Year: 2007
Design work: Diseño de identidad gráfica.

When I started working at IEXE, and soon before the design firm Redesign! were created, It was decided that the corporative wanted to launch an internet portal that serve as yellow pages for every school in the country, possibly all Latin America. A graphic identity design was in order.

Being that the business was going to be completly online, I had no limits on the ammount of colors and detail that could be applied, so I opted to do a complety figurative design work.

The apple is crearly a well known cliché asociated with the respect for teachers, so, in order to give it a little bit of originality, I designed it on a cenital angle and with an asymmetric form.


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