Design Portfolio / Illustrations

Illustration is one of the branches of design that I'm most passionate about. I've done several works for personal, cultural and artistic use.

I've been doing illustrations and art work for almost 15 years. I've also been doing comercial illustrations and several more than the ones I'm showing here, but because those complement my other design works, I find redundant to post them here aswell.

The kid and the aquarium

Year: 2004
Measures: 80x60cm (31.5x23.6in)
Expo: 5th Annual Art Expo - Professor Luna's Studio
Technique: Watercolor

The kid and the aquarium was a piece that I did in order to participate on the collective art expo with Professor Raúl Luna on Puebla City.

People that know me have insisted that this watercolor is a selfportrait because the kid in it kind of looks like me in my childhood, with the big messy hair. That wasn't my intention, but I supose that one always leaves a part of himself on every piece of work.

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The blue bouquette

Year: 2001
Measures: 28x21cm (11x8.5in)
Technique: Digital

One of my comic book school works was to do a booklet based on an interesting little story by Octavio Paz called The blue bouquette. It is a very good story about an assoult to a guy on a tiny little town on country side.

For this comicbook I did about 20 or so simple illustrations and this is one of the ones I like the most.

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The pencil hummingbird

Year: 2007
Measures: 17x12cm (4.7x6.7in)
Technique: Pencil

Every now and then, when I remember i'm part of a children illustration Blog calleed " Coso de Ilusttadores" I do something. This is a little website for illustration ethusiasts that has a weekly theme for a children illustration.

My very first work there was when the theme was the very vage Pencil illustration. Being that the theme I decided to make a little metaphor about the work of pencil illustrators.

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The woman from the desert

Year: 2007
Measures: 21.5x28cm (8.5x28in - Letter)
Technique: Vector illustration

This one was made only as an experiment so I could learn Illustrator propperly. It is one of my first illustrations made entirely with that software.

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A little ladybug

Year: 2007
Medidas: 43x28cm (17x11in - Tabloid)
Technique: Digital

My second participation in Coso de Ilustradores was for the theme Insects.

I thought about making a little bit of a story about a girl playing in the park with a ladybug.

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The stone-age man

Year: 2001
Measures: 50x70cm (19.6x27.5in)
Technique: Oil and mixt on canvas

This is a painting that I made to experiment with tactile texture and layers.

It is not a particularly detailed illustration, however I like to think that the concept makes an analogy about a man on the stone age, and that's why I put him as part of the wall as if he were prehistoric painting on the wall.

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