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We can safely say that web design is very similar to editorial design, because in moth it is as important the memorable designs as it is the need for it to be functional and accesible.

In this section I put some of the websites i've designed and developed in my career, as well as a brief description and history about them.

To visit any of the websites just click on the one you like and then click on the "visit" link at the begining.

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El Rincón de la Arrachera

Year: 2008
Used technologies: Flash, PHP, Actionscript 2.0.

During my brief time on the design firm Redesign I was asked to design and develop the website for one of the branches of the corporation Innova: The arentinian themed restaurant El Rincón de la Arrachera (The arrachera's little corner).

To be able to reflect the restaurant's ambiance we were in contact comunication with the owner, the brand designers (Design firm R-Diseño) and a restaurant marketing specialist. Thanks to all the meetings I was able to take the most representative phisical and brand characteristics and put them on the design. With the end result being one of brick, leather and rustic wood ornaments, with sand tones all around. The windmill is one of the sculptures that can be found at the entrance of the restaurant.

Another part that the website had to have was a children section called El Club del Pibe (Children's club) where I designed some promotional and downloadable tokens. The design and development of that part of the site was done by my team mate Carlos, who also finished adjustments and details of the website once I left Redesign.

This website was developed entirely on Flash as asked by the client.


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Myrna Lagunes

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Year: 2009
Used technologies: PHP, Javascript + AJAX.

By the end of 2008, visual artist Myrna Lagunes contacted me and asked me to design her website.

Myrna Lagunes has done etching work, and has participated in national and international expos, also winning several contests on the field.

This website's design will continuously evolve, and to be able to do it effectively I decided to use HTML, CSS2 & 3, and some Javascript to be able to achieve some little visual effects without compromising the functionality of the website on different platforms and helping its positioning on search engines like google.

On this bilingual website I used colors and textures that allude of etching and textured paper. So it was decided that the design had to be eyecatching but also elegant in order that the artist's work had the stellar placement with the least number of distractors.

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